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IDEAS Frequently Asked Questions

What is IDEAS?
IDEAS is a business intelligence system developed by the Office of Information Technology, Information Systems group, and sponsored by the Division of Planning for the purpose of analysis and decision support. It provides both knowledge base and numeric information to users through Internet access. The three functional areas include: the Dashboard Indicators, Advanced Search Viewer, and external references.

What Is in IDEAS?
The first level of users may retrieve electronic copies of existing university reports through the topical index of ‘Dashboard Indicators’. A second level of users may run queries against the data warehouse to extract customized reports with ‘Advanced Search Viewer’. All users have access to links to established sources of background information to gain perspective for the information contained in WVU’s reports.

Who Should Use IDEAS?
Administrators and others in need of decision support are finding it useful, as well as grant writers.

How do I Obtain an Account?
In order to obtain an account, please send an email to and we will get in contact with you regarding what forms and permissions are required. Generally, the permission of a dean or director is required for access to the Advanced Search Viewer as it can reveal information protected by federal law.

I Have Been Given an Account Now What?
After you have been informed that your account has been set up, you can obtain your name and password by visiting and following the instructions at:

After obtaining your name and password, you can go to and log in to the system. There are a number of documents at Training Documents that can help you know where to go from here.

How do I obtain training?
You can email for a list of our training times or to set up a more individualized session. You can also visit Training Documents to download our training guides.

There’s a report that I know I can get out of IDEAS, but I’m unable to program it myself, what do I do?
You can email and we will make every effort to aid you in creating your report. It is helpful if you know exactly what information you require and in what format you want it presented.