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Reports and Resources

Federal Reports                                                                  University Resources
IPEDS Reports Submitted - WVU                                       
IPEDS Reports Submitted - WVUIT                                     Curriculum Matrix - WVU
IPEDS Reports Submitted - PSC                                         Curriculum Matrix - PSC
IPEDS Data Feedback Reports - WVU                                Curriculum Matrix - WVUIT
IPEDS Data Feedback Reports - WVUIT                             Peer List
IPEDS Data Feedback Reports - PSC                                 Academic Program Accreditation

University Reports                                                              Required State and Federal Disclosures Guidelines                                                                            
Student Retention & Graduation Rate   
CSRDE 2018-19 Retention Survey Section I

CSRDE 2017-18 Retention Survey Section I
CSRDE 2017-18 Retention Survey Section II
CSRDE 2017-18 Retention Survey Section III

Common Data Set
West Virginia University Main
CDS 2018-19 - WVU
CDS 2017-18 - WVU
CDS 2016-17 - WVU
CDS 2015-16 - WVU
CDS 2014-15 - WVU
CDS 2013-14 - WVU

West Virginia University Institute of Technology
CDS 2018-19 - WVUIT
CDS 2017-18 - WVUIT
CDS 2016-17 - WVUIT
CDS 2015-16 - WVUIT

Potomac State College of West Virginia University
CDS 2018-19 - PSC
CDS 2017-18 - PSC

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